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Nanny 2 Entrepreneur

An online program for aspiring (or current) nannies ready to level up their careers, learn the business side of nannying, and land their dream opportunities while maximizing their income.


Step into the role of entrepreneur and get in control of every aspect of your nanny career. 


No more struggling to stay ahead, taking the first job that comes your way, or settling for low rates. 


Transform your career into a sustainable money-making business today.

The nanny and childcare industry excites you because you love working with children. 


You learned (or want to learn) how to care for them properly, receive the proper training, and implement all you’ve learned. 


The problem? 


No one is teaching you the business side of being a nanny.


Until now. 


If you’re feeling like you’re taking whatever gigs you can because you’re not sure how to land dream clients…


Or are unaware of the endless opportunities that exist in the childcare industry…


Or are just starting your nanny career and have no clue what to do first…


We need to talk.

Getting started in any career or business is the hardest part. 


Not only do you have to learn how to be the best service provider you can be…


You have to figure out how you’re going to find clients. 

What paperwork you need (what should go in a contract, anyway?) 

How to level up your skills so you can make more money. 


Leaving you with an unorganized mess of random to-dos, tasks, and busy work. 


None of which are moving you towards your ultimate dream…


Building a career you love working with dream clients that pay you what you’re worth. 

Enough Is Enough.

You have everything it takes to get in control of your nanny career, transform it into a thriving business, and step into the role of CEO. 


Even if you don’t have business degrees, admin experience, or an inkling of tech-savviness.


Trust me when I tell you: 


You can expand your skills and build systems that make your life easier. 

You can create a dream career in the childcare industry. 


And you can maximize your earning potential by intentionally stacking credentials that’ll have clients paying top dollar.

By now, you’re probably wondering, “who the heck are you & how can you make all of these promises?”


I get it. The internet is full of less-than-qualified people promising you the world. 


That’s why I want to take a moment to introduce myself :)


Hi! I’m Niki. 


For twenty years I’ve been running my own profitable childcare business as well as helping hundreds of other nannies do the same. 


I’ve been through it all. 


The highs of successful promotions and booked calendars. 


The lows of everything crashing all around me, feeling like I was going to implode. 


I’ve always loved working in the childcare industry, helping families enjoy time apart (so they can enjoy time together). 


But, it wasn’t until I really dedicated the time to learn what makes a business work, that things took off for me. 


I created systems and processes to make sure I stay on top of the mountain of paperwork being a nanny comes with. 


I cracked the ‘landing dream clients’ code. 

And I have taken time to figure out what skills and credentials families are desperate to have in a nanny.


In my business, I am always filling my roster with skilled nannies. 


But, I noticed they had recurring issues that I was helping them work through. 


They needed help staying organized. 

Managing their money and hitting their income goals.

Knowing what rates to charge. 

Finding opportunities that made sense for them. 


That’s how ‘Nanny to Entrepreneur’ began. 


I wanted a consolidated place I could send all the nannies I worked with so they could acquire the necessary skills to be successful. 


Then, I realized that not only would my nannies benefit from this, but any aspiring or current nanny wanting to get in control of their career would also. 


That’s when I got to work. I leveraged my skills as a VA for fellow course creators and created my own nothing left-out program. 


This brings me to you.


If you’re looking for the same support, info, and processes I give to my clients…


Look no further.


Nanny to Entrepreneur

An online program for aspiring (or current) nannies ready to level up their careers, learn the business side of nannying, and land their dream opportunities while maximizing their income.



First up we’ll get intentional with the opportunities, clients, and families that align with your individual career goals now and in the future. No more aimlessly applying on job boards hoping something works out! 


If I could grant all aspiring or professional nannies one thing, it would be the gift of money management. In this module, you’ll learn to track expenses, and reimbursements, to keep you in control & maximize earning opportunities. 


Now you know the golden opportunity you’re searching for, it’s time to consolidate all of your career materials (resume, cover letters, etc) into a streamlined process to improve your chances of landing the job! You’ll also get interview skills, email templates, and more to ensure you impress future clients. 


Want to charge more? Add more skills to your resume. I’ll go through the (many) ways you can earn an additional income within your current situation and beyond to optimize your earning potential. 


Keep track of everything you need to run your nanny business including invoicing, insurance, taxes, contracts, and more. These systems will save you energy, time, and give you your life back. 


No more playing small. Once you're able to manage your business, you’ll have the freedom to set your own schedule and have a life AND a career you love. 

All of this is consolidated into an easy-to-follow program that’ll allow you to: 


→ Consistently find work that fits into your ideal lifestyle. 

→ Maximize your income and make more money working with clients that light you up. 

→ Empower yourself with the necessary skills to run a profitable business. 

→ Take back control of your earning potential. 


Just like our Entrepreneurs

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 7.12.59 PM.png

Isabel Mercado

“I was so lost in my nanny career then I found Niki. She has walked me through everything I needed to be the nanny I always wanted to be!”
Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 7.12.23 PM.png

Bridgette Taylor

“Niki was a wealth of information! I couldn't have gotten to where I am now without her and her expertise.”

Ready to be our next success story? 

Want to See How It Works?

A look inside each of the modules designed to provide you with the fundamentals you need to build a nanny business you love (that brings in profits for years to come). 

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 12.29.50 PM.png

Sherry Alvarez

“I never knew how much I needed a nanny coach until I worked with Niki. She is very encouraging and has a ton of experience in the childcare industry.”

Samantha Rains

“I have always thought about becoming a nanny but I had no idea where to begin! Then I stumbled across Niki’s Nanny to Entrepreneur program and I finally knew where to start and I am now a professional nanny.”
SELF-STUDY (2).png
Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 6.38.11 PM.png

Group Sessions Now Available


Brittany Melo

“I have worked with Niki over the past few years and I have witnessed first hand how she can take nannies to entrepreneur with this amazing program! I can’t wait to share this program with all of my professional nanny friends. “
Take pictures with camera


"I never thought I would become the owner of a nanny agency but here I am!! Running a profitable nanny service for 6 months. I couldn't have done this without Niki's expertise."
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Have questions before enrolling? No problem! 

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